Top 5 Benefits of a Hands-on Learning Approach and Interactive Games Online

April 1, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Kids learn more when they are completely immersed in the subject matter. Activities like interactive games online engage kids by making hands-on learning. Oftentimes, active learning takes the form of interactive phonics games for kids online, which promote other important aspects of child development. Find out how hands-on learning helps kids grow below: 

Promotes comprehension and retention

Every child is different, so it’s no surprise that every child learns differently – by seeing, hearing, doing, or some combination of the three. Hands-on activities serve all of these interactive phonics games styles by activating all of the senses. When kids experience concepts in action they create their own point of reference. This boosts comprehension and retention.

Enables real world learning with online interactive games

You can’t learn to drive by reading a book! Real world interactive science games for kids is important because it teaches kids how to apply the abstract concepts to their real world experience. In practicing putting their knowledge to use, they build confidence and a foundation for further exploration and problem solving.

Interactive phonics games that sparks confidence and motivation to learn

The active nature of hands-on learning, means kids feel a stronger sense of ownership over the results of their work. It’s much more motivating for kids to study a theory by conducting a hands-on experiment than by memorizing facts from their textbook. This can inspire interest in other related topics and empower kids to pursue independent study.

Ignites critical thinking and creativity with interactive literacy games

When kids hit roadblocks in the learning process, it can be hard to find the confidence to keep going. Hands-on learning makes the problem-solving process a lot less intimidating and a lot more exciting. The open-endedness of hands-on exploration gives kids space to be creative and think critically.

Makes learning engaging with online interactive games

Children can zone out when they are learning interactive literacy games because they are bored or uninspired by what is being taught. Giving kids a way to connect with the subject matter through hands-on activities or creative thinking games keeps their attention and brings topics to life. 

Interactive educational games are a great way to integrate hands-on learning into your child’s education and foster physical, behavioral, and cognitive skills. With Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit, kids ages 6-10 can tinker, explore, and create. These interactive word games are great for both home and school environments. They promote learning that’s nothing short of magical. Pick out a game for your child or students and discover the power of interactive games online.