The Perfect Summer Schedule for Your Kids

June 8, 2021 / Parent Resources

Your kids must be all-too-ready for the summer holidays this year. They deserve a break from their usual routine of waking up early and attending their online classes. But a few days into their summer break, you might find that they do in fact still need a routine. Here are a few activities for kids at home that could help you build a schedule to keep them engaged during the upcoming summer break.

Put a Spin on a Daily Routine

If reading a book with your child is part of your routine, maybe switch things up a bit. You could have a cute little picnic outdoors and read the book there instead. Similarly, you could even change their morning routine. For example, if they’re usually late risers, you could keep an alarm (only on alternate days; don’t boo us) and play a game of catch before the rest of the day unfolds. Getting some exercise in the morning can help start the day on an amazing note.

Make a Summer Bucket List

This summer break, make a bucket list or a daily list of activities. Tick off each activity as and when your child completes them. This will make your little one feel accomplished. The list could range from simple tasks (like clearing the table for a meal) to more complicated ones (like arranging the clothes in the cupboard) Your child could also decorate this bucket list of theirs in any way they like, and then even have it framed.

Exercise Everyday

Definitely make exercise a part of your child’s summer schedule. Like we mentioned in our first activity, you could simply play a game of catch every other day, and then other days you could maybe go for an evening jog. You could also do simple exercises right at home, like jumping jacks and yoga.

Get in Some Learning Too

Your child isn’t going to be happy about studying during the summer break, but we know you’d be worried about their learning loss. However, learning doesn’t need to be educational. It can be fun and interactive with Osmo’s fun educational games for kids! Play Osmo every day to make your child’s summer break awesome.

Cook With Your Child

Your child might not always want to lend you a helping hand in the kitchen, but you could encourage them to help you every few days. Ask them to read out the ingredients, cut up the vegetables (if they’re older), and so on. Cooking / baking is also a great way to get in some math practice! 

Allow Independent Play

Kids need a few hours of unstructured play in their day. Since they’d want to be alone and have some control over their own day, allowing them to play without interruption is a great way to make them feel more independent and accountable. They could simply play with some Legos, or engage in pretend play.

We hope you and your kids have a great summer break this year!