The Importance of Personalized Learning

August 12, 2021 / Parent Resources

Being a student-centred approach to education, personalized learning can take place when we understand that each student learns differently. When we put the student first, personalization begins.

Learning is personalized when we closely study each student’s strengths, skills, opportunities, and interests, and tailor our teaching styles to support each child on their individual learning journeys.

Here’s why personalized learning programs are important:

Higher Student Engagement

With personalized learning, students automatically feel more engaged in the learning process. Since each student’s interests are addressed, they feel a sense of belonging. The more engaged and interested they feel, the more likely they are to feel motivated to learn.

Empowering Student Choice

Each student is given many choices when it comes to how they prefer to learn. You can guide and assist them on their learning journey, but in the end it is the student who needs to select the path to achieve their learning objectives.

Increased Productivity

If you use the same teaching style for every student, you’ll find that there is less efficiency in the learning process. When you incorporate personalized learning in education, you can identify areas that need improvement and tailor content accordingly. This leads to increased productivity.

You could also use Osmo in your classroom to study your child’s interests and skills! Once you figure out where they stand, you can adapt your teaching strategies to student needs. 

More than 50,000 classrooms are using Osmo.

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