Find Osmo Friends in a Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

November 25, 2020 / DIY & Printable

You’ve navigated through multiple adventures with your Osmo friends. Here’s a chance to embark on yet another adventure with them this Thanksgiving! All you have to do is spot the names of each Osmo character (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) in this thanksgiving crossword puzzle for kids.

What Next?

After your child is done solving this thanksgiving crossword puzzle, you could help expand their vocabulary using each letter from the names of their Osmo friends –

Linus – Test your child’s existing vocabulary and see what words they know beginning from L, I, N, U, and S. Introduce them to more simple words (depending on their age) such as “lean”, “igloo”, “neither”, “utensil”, “strike”

Alto – Similarly, check what words your kids know from A, L, T, and O. Then, introduce them to some more words like “alligator”, “ladder”, “toad”, “ox”

Frenzy – Teach your kids new words beginning with F, R, E, N, Z, and Y! For example: “fawn”, “rage”, “envelope”, “nightingale”, “zebra”, “yak”

Musical – There are several words you could teach your little one beginning with M, U, S, I, C, A, and L. For example: “mustache”, “umbrella”, “soccer”, “ink”, “cage”, “arrow”, and “laundry”.

Mo – Lastly, introduce newer words from M, and O such as “mitten”, and “ocean”

Thanksgiving crossword: If you’re looking for tech-driven word games, play Osmo’s Words game or Lettertopia to further hone your child’s vocabulary! Don’t forget to download all our other Thanksgiving printable activities such as printable thank you cards and thanksgiving coloring pages (featuring all your favorite Osmo friends).

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