Supercharge your Drawing Skills with Osmo Masterpiece

October 31, 2019 / Learn About Osmo

Drawing is the most widely accessible and universal form of visual communication among kids since it requires relatively few supplies to get started. Beyond helping kids progress to more advanced forms of artistic expression, such as painting and sculpting, drawing games for kids also gives them the tools to explore their inner lives. These social-emotional benefits are just as important as the technical skills kids gain from creating art pieces.

Here are a few of the ways drawing helps young minds develop:

Role of drawing in childhood

Drawing in the classroom provide children benefits that extend far beyond a passable knowledge of the fine arts. Here are a few advantages children experience through drawing:

Creative Expression: By giving kids a structured framework for self-expression, drawing enables clearer processing and communication of thoughts and feelings. This contributes to the social-emotional development that occurs during childhood.

Self Esteem Booster: When kids create something original, they feel a sense of autonomy that they rarely experience in their daily routine. As a creative outlet, drawing helps kids build confidence, especially when their artwork is displayed for others to see.

Visualization: Kids learn better when they engage their senses, like sight, in the process. Drawing lets kids practice visualizing complex concepts and ideas. Teachers can also use drawing to spark interest in topics that kids may otherwise find difficult or uninteresting. For instance, students might draft blueprints to better understand geometry.

Storytelling: Creating a series of images to tell a story is another activity that helps kids develop their interpersonal skills while drawing. Like visualization, visual storytelling encourages kids to process and summarize information for an audience. Fun learning games for kids that focus on storytelling make practicing this skill easy!

Precursor to Writing: Drawing teaches the fine motor skills that are necessary for writing by hand. While drawing, kids can practice holding their pen or pencil correctly while building dexterity and flexibility in their hand.

Osmo Masterpiece supercharges the power of drawing

The Osmo learning system makes fun educational games interactive by combining physical game pieces and digital engagement. Osmo’s Masterpiece game brings that same physical-digital joy to drawing.

Masterpiece lets kids draw objects by tracing virtual outlines on paper. There are no rules when it comes to colors or subject in Masterpiece. Artists can choose objects to draw from the Osmo Masterpiece library, or they can use their own images. Any real-life object can be transformed into a sketchable outline with the game. Once the drawing is complete, Masterpiece generates a time-lapse video that shows the art coming to life!

Kids worldwide have created more than 17 million Masterpieces that have been shared thousands of times among family and friends. Osmonauts can also display their drawings in the Osmo Masterpiece gallery for all to see.

Art helps kids grow up into well-rounded individuals. Get your kids started on their artistic journey today with fun iPad games like Osmo Genius Masterpiece game.