Summer Sale: Save Up to 35% on Osmo Bestsellers!

May 27, 2021 / Parent Resources

During our 5-day summer sale (27th – 31st of May), you get to save up to 35% on some of our award-winning kits & games!

  1. Explorer Starter Kit
  2. Preschool Starter Kit
  3. Pretend Play Bundle
  4. Super Studio Disney Princesses Bundle
  5. Ultimate Expansion Bundle

Explorer Starter Kit (Ages 5-10)

Our most complete STEAM learning kit yet, Explorer Starter Kit features all of the interactive kids’ games from Genius Starter Kit, Monster, and Coding Family.

Preschool Starter Kit (Ages 3-5)

Get the tools for future exploration with the Preschool Starter Kit. Practice early reading, number and letter recognition games, shapes, and even social-emotional skills while interacting with on-screen characters and physical game pieces.

Pretend Play Bundle (Ages 5-12)

Embrace imagination with Osmo’s favorite combo of pretend-play games: Osmo Pizza Co. and Detective Agency!

Ultimate Expansion Bundle (Ages 5-10)

Take your math and reading skills to the next level! Ultimate Expansion Bundle adds more hours of math and reading fun to your Genius Starter Kit.

Super Studio Disney Princesses Bundle (Ages 5-11)

Discover the creativity of drawing while connecting with Disney princesses Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel! You’ll learn to draw famous Disney princesses, get them royally dressed-up, and help them navigate through multiple adventures.

As kids play these games, they don’t even realize they’re learning core STEAM for kids skills. Watch your little ones gleam with joy as they interact with several Osmo friends and gain a broader understanding of the world through hands-on play.