STEM based Educational Games that Encourage Kids’ Love for Science

March 9, 2020 / Parent Resources

STEM is an interdisciplinary approach for kids to learn science, technology, engineering, and math. This approach helps kids develop science literacy and prepare them to be future innovators. With the right approach and the right STEM education for kids, you can get your kids to naturally develop an interest in science while having fun.      

Skills developed through STEM activities and games

While STEM education for kids is important in school, it also helps build critical thinking and problem solving which will last for a lifetime. STEM activities for kids can help them pick up various essential skills including creative thinking and logical thinking along with creativity and innovation.  

See if you can complete this list of STEM challenges:

STEM based games for kids

Creative games for kids can be used as an effective way to introduce them to STEM since they channel kids’ instinct to engage in play towards learning.

Osmo learning systems include fun iPad games that promote hands-on learning with digital elements to enhance engagement. Hands-on coding is a great way to get your kids to learn and practice computational thinking and creative reasoning. Osmo Coding Awbie game lets kids hop around finding strawberries as the lovable character Awbie. They teach kids coding fundamentals such as if statements and loops along with problem solving.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit introduces kids to core subjects of math and science through interactive educational games. Kids can improve their vocabulary skills through Words game where they can play fast paced word challenges. They can also learn numeracy skills through exciting math challenges. Kids who are into drawing will love playing the Masterpiece game where they can trace a virtual outline on paper. Tangram game lets kids pick-up visual-spatial reasoning skills by letting them build interesting shapes out of colorful tiles.

STEM games can be the best way to introduce kids to the sciences, so pick up a Starter Kit from Osmo today!