How STEAM Games for Kids Complement your Child’s Development

November 12, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

One of the best ways to encourage childhood development is by providing your child with steam games for kids that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. iPad games for kids steam are known to stimulate both the logical and creative hemispheres of the brain, areas that will play a significant role in your child’s academic and career success. You can supplement daily playtime activities with our steam games for kids to introduce your child to core subjects.

Ways to Complement your Children’s Developmental Skills

Osmo’s steam educational games can improve your child’s cognitive and creative reasoning skills, working memory, broad reasoning abilities, and long term memory. It can also help them grasp new concepts more easily. All of our steam games for children allow for both structured and unstructured playtime to foster independent thinking.

Here are a few ways you can build on your child’s STEAM education:

1. Read to Your Child-Steam Educational Games:

Reading regularly to your child is a good way to introduce them to language while spending quality time with them. You can also use best kids games on steam-based educational games for kids to empower your child to read on their own.

Parents can help kids expand their vocabulary with the Words game in the Osmo Genius Starter Kit. Children will learn new words while trying to identify the things displayed on-screen. 

2. Encourage your kids to play with puzzles and blocks-Steam Educational Games:

Children can work on their problem-solving, fine motor, and visual-spatial reasoning skills by playing puzzle games, Tangram, and blocks by these steam educational games. 

Osmo learning systems includes best kids games on steam that use physical game pieces and on-screen gameplay to keeps kids engaged. The Tangram game – available in the Osmo Genius Starter Kit – is great for building your child’s visual-spatial reasoning skills. Your child will have fun building animal and object shapes out of colorful tiles while learning about geometry.

3. Encourage a Growth Mindset-Steam Games for Children

Parents can focus on the process of learning and problem-solving instead of the desired solution or outcomes with these steam games for children. This helps children develop critical thinking skills to apply to future problems that arise.

As a parent, you can choose interactive kids’ games that suit your child’s interests and complement their overall development. The key to effectiveness here is using these activities in moderation and customizing them according to your child’s needs.

All of our steam games for kids are perfect Halloween gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, and Christmas gifts that can help you and your child get in the holiday spirit! Osmo best steam games for kids are great gifts for kids for any occasion (or no occasion at all).