Spreading Holiday Cheer through Creative Games and Activities

December 20, 2019 / Company News

The general goodwill, pleasant festive music and jolly vibe of people during the holidays are all part of the holiday spirit and cheer. Giving gifts to your neighbours, playing creative games with family and taking a photo of a wonderful moment are all things you can do to spread holiday cheer. These are a few ways you can help sprinkle some holiday cheer into your lives:

Writing letters to Santa

The time-honoured tradition of writing a letter to Santa is a great way to ensure children get into the festive spirit of things. Children put pen to paper to tell Santa how good they’ve been so Santa gets them a Christmas gift. This whimsical tradition encourages children to exercise a healthy imagination and to be curious while helping them pick up writing and reading skills. Another benefit is that children will learn to get their priorities right, in terms of the gifts they want the most, making a list in the process. This will also improve their critical thinking skills. 

When writing to get a gift, learning how to write becomes fun, and less of an effortful task. Penmanship is important for children as they grow into adults if they want to fill out an application form or even attempt written examinations.

Festive photos for the holiday season 

Some of the best memories with your family would probably be during the holidays. You can make new memories and remember them with pictures of special occasions:

  • Taking a picture when your children open their presents on Christmas morning is a great way to photograph special moments. 
  • You can also dress up your pet with a Christmas costume (a reindeer!) and take a picture, setting the tone for the season. 
  • Another classic would be for the family to wear matching Christmas pajamas. 
  • Christmas cookies you are baking is also another great photo opportunity to ring in the Christmas spirit.

Playing Educational Games

The holidays are a great time to get together with your family and play fun and creative games to celebrate the season. With Osmo Genius Vocabulary Words for Kids game you can upload holiday-related images to play word challenges with everyone. This game being fun for both kids and adults, gets more fun around the holidays when everyone is at home. You can get the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit for your children which includes fun iPad games helping children pick up pre-reading, storytelling and critical thinking skills.

Try out these fun activities for kids at home with family and friends to celebrate the holiday spirit. Wish you Happy Holidays!