Fostering Social Emotional Learning through Educational Games for Preschoolers

November 25, 2019 / Educator Resources

When children undergo emotions such as anger, anxiety and unbridled excitement. they get preoccupied with dealing with the emotion than any other task at hand. This makes social emotional learning essential to children’s development, as children need to be in the right frame of mind to engage in learning. Social emotional skills are essential skill sets that can be imbibed in children right from preschool, and used throughout the duration of one’s life. Research has shown that the preschool years for a child are found to be the most formative, making it essential to help them pick up social emotional skills at this age. Social emotional skills can even function as a key indicator of personal and professional success. 

Parents can step in to help children manage their emotions and help them self-regulate. They can use techniques such as engaging in pretend play to let children express themselves, help them interpret facial expressions of others and more. Once children learn how to handle their emotional state while interacting with others, they might focus much better when trying to learn. 

How games can promote social emotional learning in children

Educational and interactive games for kids can help recreate scenarios which would require social emotional skills to navigate successfully. This can range from reading the facial expressions of an online character to learning what to say in a difficult situation. Children can also learn non-verbal cues such as body language and posture with the right learning game. 

Great kids learning games that promote social emotional learning usually include how to responsibly express oneself in a difficult situation. Games that encourage pretend play and role play help children learn interpersonal skills. Children can engage in role play prompted by fun educational games to act out challenging situations they would encounter in real life and work on their reaction to be more socially acceptable. 

Learning games that offer collaboratively play will also help children pick up interpersonal skill sets. Children can learn how to share game pieces and practice taking turns while playing a multiplayer game. This builds compassion and empathy in children which are essential qualities for children to develop into well rounded individuals. 

Interactive Learning Games to aid in Social Emotional learning

Parents can serve as facilitators on their children’s journey to pick up social-emotional skills by providing them with developmentally appropriate learning games. Osmo learning systems have fun iPad games which include physical game pieces equipping children with the virtue of hands-on play, while digital engagement keeps them excited to learn. Osmo Pizza Co. helps children experience what it means to be an entrepreneur, by letting them run a pizzeria. Children will have a ball making pizzas to order using physical game pieces. On-screen customers express their delight or disappointment in real time at the pizzas children prepare and the change they make for the currency tendered. Kids can learn how to read facial expressions and body language here, while picking up real world math skills.        

Kids can practice their social-emotional skills under controlled conditions, through fun educational games. These skills are essential to children throughout their lifespan and getting an early start on them will give your kids a significant advantage in the long run.