Shop Osmo Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Kids

November 18, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

Celebrate the holidays with Osmo! Our 2020 holiday catalog features gifts for kids 3-10+ at every price point: holiday gifts under $150, under $100, and under $50; plus, stocking stuffers under $20 and under $30. 

Learn more about the gifts for preschoolers games that are popping up on 2020 Amazon’s Toys We Love list and Target’s Top Toys list!

$100-$150 Gifts: Holiday Gifts for Kids

1. Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night ($139.99)-Pre k Gifts:

This year, Osmo introduced an expanded edition of our award winning stem toys Genius Starter Kit. With Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night, kids ages 6-10 can play and learn on their own or with others by these holiday gifts for kids. The kit’s two new games (Lettertopia and Math Buzz) focus on collaboration, so families can play together. 

In Lettertopia, two players use words to move past guards and collect creatures, all while exploring enchanted places. As they advance through 40+ levels of play, kids practice social-emotional skills, problem-solving and spelling.

In Math Buzz, up to four players must solve equations as a team using Numbers tiles to move throughout the garden and gather honey. This game builds number sense, spatial sense, and social-emotional skills. A new Osmo favorite, Math Buzz includes 20 levels and space for up to 4 players.

The kit’s an stem toys for preschoolers has five classic interactive kids’ games (Words, Numbers, Masterpiece, Tangram, Newton), meanwhile, offer a deep dive into STEAM learning and foster a love of science, art, math, and reading.

2. Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Adventure ($119.99)-Stem Preschool Toys:

Little Genius Starter Kit + Early Math Adventure is designed to help kids ages 3 to 5 develop core learning skills and creativity. This kit features four of our classic stem toys for preschoolers (ABCs, Stories, Costume Party, Squiggle Magic), plus two new early math educational games (Counting Town and Shape Builder). Transform your tablet into a hands-on learning tool and encourage your kids to develop their whole brain using tangible game pieces.

In Counting Town, players build magical objects by counting and placing sticks and rings. This stem preschool toys

game makes math so engaging that even the most arithmetic-averse little ones will love it!

Shape Builder is a building game in which players fill a home with magical objects by reproducing geometric shapes. As kids build items using sticks and rings, they learn new shapes and develop confidence.

$50-$100 Gifts: Holiday Gifts

1. Coding Starter Kit ($99)-Holiday Gifts for Kids:

Featured in Amazon’s 2020 “Toys We Love” list, Coding Starter Kit teaches kids 5-10 coding skills in progression. This kit brings together three bestselling Osmo coding games for kids (Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo) to makes coding accessible and fun for all ages. Through hands-on learning games an holiday gifts for kids, progress from coding fundamentals to more complex concepts.

Coding Starter Kit features upgraded hardware, including new durable coding blocks that can be used across all three games.

2. Osmo Secrets of the Dragons ($59.99)-Stem Preschool Toys

Secrets of the Dragons is a stem preschool toys game in Osmo’s award-winning Math Wizard series. In this self-paced educational math games for ages 6-8, kids explore the Dragon Reserve and its outlying biomes. As dragon scouts, they discover new dragon species and measure and feed dragons based on their size. Kids earn merit badges as they pick up measurement skills, and they can even become a master scout!

3. Osmo Magical Workshop ($59.99)-Stem Toys for Preschoolers

Another installment in Osmo’s Math Wizard series-stem toys for preschoolers, Magical Workshop is a self-paced addition and subtraction adventure for kids ages 6-8. Over four games, players brew potions with dragon claws and sparkle dust to master place value and count balloons to help dragons fly!

4. Osmo Base and Case for iPad ($69)-Pre k Gifts

Pre k gifts-Use the new base and case system when you play Osmo games and keep the case on when you’re done. Our latest model promises more base stability, more device compatibility and drop-tested protection for your tablet! Also, when you purchase our base and case, you get two game apps (Masterpiece and Newton) for free! Just download the game apps and let the hands-on learning begin an holiday gifts for kids.

Under $50 Gifts: Holiday Gifts for Kids

1. Osmo Base for iPad ($39)-Pre K Gifts

The Osmo New Base for iPad an ideal gifts for preschoolers offers greater stability, device compatibility, and even works in landscape mode! Osmo Base for iPad comes with 1 Red Reflector and 2 game apps (Masterpiece and Newton).

2. Osmo Base for Fire ($39)-Holiday Gifts

To launch into the Osmo universe, just stand your Fire tablet in this base and clip on the reflector. Like the iPad Base, the new-and-improved Osmo Base for Fire features greater stability, device compatibility, and even works in landscape mode. Osmo Base for Fire comes with 1 Red Reflector and 2 game apps (Masterpiece and Newton). Additional Osmo games an holiday gifts that you purchase will work on this same system. 

Stocking Stuffers Under $30: Stem Toys for Preschoolers

1. Osmo Genius Numbers ($29.93)-Holiday Gifts for Kids

Transform math learning into an intuitive, creative and fun experience by making it physical! In Osmo’s Numbers, kids arrange physical tiles, including dots and digits, to add, subtract and multiply. Please note, you will need an Osmo Base (sold separately) to play an pre k gifts.

2. Osmo Genius Words ($29.78)-Gifts for Preschoolers

Words an stem toys for preschoolers is a fast-paced and fun game that boosts vocabulary and storytelling. Solve one of the game’s more than 150 Words puzzles, or create and complete your own! Please note, you will need an Osmo Base (sold separately) to play.

3. Osmo Genius Tangram ($29.78)-Pre K Gifts

In this classic stem preschool toys and games, kids arrange puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes. Visual and audio feedback helps players advance through levels of difficulty and hit achievement milestones. Tangram comes with over 500 puzzles to solve an pre k gifts. Please note, you will need an Osmo Base (sold separately) to play.

Stocking Stuffers Under $20: Holiday Gifts

1. Osmo Custom Skins ($9.95)-Gifts for Preschoolers

Deck out your Osmo gear with new premium skins in several fun designs with stem preschool toys! Available for Osmo Case for iPad, New Base for iPad, Classic Base for iPad, and Base for Amazon Fire, these skins are waterproof, removable, kid-proof, and reusable. 

2. Osmo Stackable Storage ($8-$15)-Holiday Gifts

Stackable Storage is a set of custom boxes that stack neatly for maximum storage in minimal space. Inside each box, removable trays make playtime clean-up easy. The boxes are brightly colored to keep stem toys for preschoolers games organized at a glance. These wipe-clean boxes are portable and durable enough to stand up to real use by real kids. It’s a simple, stylish solution for keeping Osmo tiles, blocks, and playing pieces sorted and stored. Available for Genius Kit ($15), Coding Awbie ($8), and Pizza Co. ($8).

Osmo has the best holiday gifts and gifts for preschoolers of all ages! Make sure to keep an eye out for our epic Black Friday toy deals and Cyber Monday deals – you won’t want to miss this chance to save on top gifts!