Science Activities to Try This Summer

June 18, 2021 / Parent Resources

Have some summer fun ideas in the sun with these awesome science activities for kids!

Make rainbow bubbles

For this science games for kids, you will need a bottle, water, and washing up liquid. First, fill your bottle with water and then squirt some washing up liquid into it. Quickly tip it over and empty the water into your sink. You will notice that the bottle is left with bubbles. Leave the bottle out in the sun,  (or on your windowsill) and in just a matter of seconds you will find that each bubble looks like a different color of the rainbow.

Explain to your child the reason behind the formation of rainbow colors in bubbles. Teach them that when white light from the sun shines onto the bubbles, it gets dispersed and reflected, splitting this white light into different colors.

Pour water in sand

Teach your children about evaporation by pouring water in sand! All you must do is pour some water into the sand and wait about 36 hours for it to evaporate. Explain to your little one that evaporation occurs due to solar energy from the sun. 

You could then go on to explain to your child about the water cycle, and how condensation, precipitation, and collection occur too.

Dissect a flower

Pluck a flower from your backyard and lay it out on a paper plate or a sheet of cardboard. Label the parts of your flower on your cardboard and place the dissected parts of the flower with the right label. Ask your kids to find the pollen, stem, root, petal, and leaf. They could then move on to find the stigma, anther, ovule, and avary. Make sure to use a flower with large parts to make the process easier! It could be a daffodil, tulip, or a lily.

Make a solar oven 

To make your solar oven an summer activities for preschoolers, you will need aluminium foil, a cardboard box, clingfilm, a matte black card, marshmallows (or any other food item), and a plate.

To start with this science activities for kids, first cover the inside of your box with aluminium foil. Then, place your matte black card at the bottom of the box. Next, at the base of this box, place your plate with your marshmallows on it. Make sure to position your box in front of the sun, and fix the lid of the box in this position with tape. To keep your food clean, you could also cover the food with your clingfilm. What will you notice after 30 minutes? You’ll find that your marshmallows would have melted.

How does the solar oven work? Heat is absorbed by the matte black paper while solar radiation is reflected onto the sun from the aluminium foil.

Start a nature journal

Find science all around you! You could collect leaves and petals and tape it into your journal, and even record your observations about the weather. You could also draw what you see around you, and then even paint it. Additionally, you could write down names of birds and animals you find in nature.