Scary-Good Halloween Games Kids Will Love

September 30, 2022 / Parent Resources

Gear up for the spookiest month of the year with these fun Halloween games for kids!

Bean-Bag Toss Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the theme of any Halloween party. For this game, carve out your pumpkins into the shape of a face; two small holes for the eyes, and one large hole for the mouth. All your kids need to do is take aim and toss bean bags into the mouth of the pumpkins.

Truth or Scare

Here’s a game with a twist on the classic game of Truth or Dare. This game requires kids to task kids with halloween-themed questions or challenges.

Cup Knock Down

Arrange cups in the form of a tower and try to knock them down with a small ball. Make sure to draw little faces on these cups to make them look like ghosts.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Help your child make their own witch hat, and then help your child take aim and toss rings around the hats; it’s an activity that blends creativity and Halloween-themed fun!

Halloween Charades

Make a list of Halloween-themed movies and act them out for the kids. Once you’re done playing the game, you can even binge watch all those movies.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Here’s one of our favorite Halloween games. For this, simply hide a variety of Halloween-themed objects around the house and have your kids find them all!

Skeleton Puzzle

See who can create a skeleton the fastest! Kids must make DIY bones out of foam, and then hot glue magnets to each bone. Finally, they must arrange these bones on top of the fridge to make the skeleton.

We hope you and your kids enjoy these Halloween party games!