National Grammar Day SALE: Save up to 25%

March 4, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Enjoy savings on select Osmo kits & fun learning games in celebration of National Grammar Day!

  • Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night
  • Early Literacy Starter Kit
  • Early Literacy Bundle
  • Literacy Bundle

Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night

This kit features 2 new games in addition to the 5 existing STEM toys for toddlers games in the Genius Starter Kit:

1. Tangram:

Improve spatial awareness as you arrange tangible puzzle pieces to match on-screen shapes

2. Words:

Solve word puzzles for kids and expand your vocabulary

3. Newton:

Learn about acceleration through creative problem-solving

4. Masterpiece:

Supercharge your drawing skills with an interactive drawing tool

5. Numbers:

Learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication through hands-on play

6. Math Buzz:

Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication as you avoid wasps to collect honey in the garden

7. Lettertopia:

Boost spelling and word-building skills while collecting creatures as

Early Literacy Starter Kit

Boost early reading skills with 5 interactive games for kids:

1. ABCs:

Gain confidence in letter recognition, vocabulary, and phonics

2. Squiggle Magic:

Use squishy Sticks & Rings to create anything

3. Words:

Expand your vocabulary and learn how to build words

4. Stories:

Use creative problem-solving to overcome obstacles

5. Costume Party:

Experiment with clothes and colors

Early Literacy Bundle

Unlike the Early Literacy Starter Kit, the Early Literacy Bundle doesn’t include the Osmo base for iPad.

Literacy Bundle

Level up your vocabulary and reading skills over 3 digital expansion games:

1. Words Explorers:

Master increasingly challenging word constructions on a temple adventure.

2. Words Chomp:

A digital-physical take on the classic game Boggle, move your purple gooey monster Chomp around by finding words at each level

3. Lettertopia:

Move across the board by building words and collect creatures as a team by matching descriptions

Don’t forget to shop these award-winning kits & fun learning games during our sale! We also offer many more educational games for kids that blend learning and fun.