Quotes by Educators About Learning During the Pandemic

June 22, 2021 / Parent Resources

We know how challenging learning has been during the pandemic. Your kids must be feeling overwhelmed, restless, anxious, and agitated with the sudden change in environment. Technology is a saving grace and has made virtual learning possible, but it’s still not the same as going to school and learning. 

We think you’d like to read these pandemic school quotes and quotes about pandemic and education:

“This year, I had my students write down what they wanted to hear on tough days. I collected prose notes and handed them out when I saw students needed them. The power of their own positive words returning to them made a difference.” – Danielle Sicotte

“The hope that once we get through this year, future years will be a piece of cake (in comparison)” – Ana T.

“This pandemic is unprecedented for us, but we have experienced other hard things. This time gives us an opportunity to practice resilience and to show our kids what resilience looks like” – Audrey Monke

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a lot of problems facing public schools – but it didn’t create most of them. Most of the inequities existed long before the pandemic. The only difference is who was affected and who was paying attention.” – Meghan Mangrum, Education Reporter