Printable Thank-You Cards and Notes for Thanksgiving

November 25, 2020 / DIY & Printable

Your favorite Osmo friends are extremely thankful for all the memories they’ve made with you! To cherish all the adventures you’ve been on together, the Osmo family has prepared downloadable printable thank you cards and printable thank you notes just for you! Not only are they thanking you for all the good times, but they’re encouraging you to thank all those you’ve shared your fondest memories with.

What You Can Write In Your Printable Thank You Cards

If your little one isn’t sure what to write on their card, these tips can help on printable thank you!

1. Greetings Are Important-Printable Thank You Notes

Don’t forget to include “Dear” when you begin writing your letter on these printable thank you cards! If you think that’s too formal, you could even use the recipient’s nickname – this lets them know that you consider them to be a close friend! Towards the end, select a warm closing.

2. Add Specific Details-Printable Thank You

Your friend will be super happy to know you’ve remembered a specific detail about them, or a specific memory you’ve shared with them make use of our printable thank you cards. When you’re expressing your thanks to them, make sure to let them know how they’ve made an impact on your life! 

3. Ask About Them-Printable Thank You Cards for Kids

Let the recipient know that they’re in your thoughts. Ask them what’s going on in their lives, or write about the last time you met them on our printable thank you cards and how you enjoyed their company. Let them know you’re looking forward to meeting them again!

What You Can Write In the Shorter Printable Thank you Notes:

As these are shorter, you could make your message concise on these printable thank you notes –


1. You always know how to make me laugh. Thank you for being my friend.

2. Here is a little thank you from me to you, a thank you for just being you.

3. You are the best. I’m so very glad I’m friends with you.

4. Thank you for always being so supportive.

5. I cherish you and everything about you. Thank you for being there for me.

Download our printables today to let your friends know how thankful you are for them! We also offer printable thanksgiving crossword puzzle and coloring pages for you to enjoy on Thanksgiving.