How You Can Make Virtual Learning Easy for Preschoolers

April 21, 2021 / Parent Resources

Finding it difficult to get your little one to virtual learning? You’re not the only one! We know it could get tedious to keep kids consistently engaged in their at-home classroom. We hope these tips can help!

Interact With Friends on Zoom-Virtual Learning:

Whether it’s Zoom, Google Meets, or any other digital virtual learning platform, interacting with friends at the beginning of every lesson helps kids feel happy and alert. You could even alternate between video calls and digital learning games to switch things up a little! play educational games from Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit with your preschoolers at the start of every lesson to keep them engaged and energized.

Use Classroom Items-Virtual Learning Environment:

When kids see familiar items around them that remind them of their classroom, they’re more likely to adapt to their virtual learning environment. Apart from curricular materials, you could use a calendar, their favorite books, and songs in your lessons.

Ask More Questions-Virtual Learning:

Virtual learning lessons without interaction might be a bore for your little one. How about asking questions at the end of each topic to check how well your kids have understood the concept? Asking questions could also enable children to step out of their comfort zone and participate more actively in the learning process.

Provide Daily Activities-Virtual Learning Environment:

Target a new skill every day (while teaching core subjects) so your kids don’t feel restless! Maybe one day you could target gross motor skills, and the next day you could target language skills, etc. Here’s where Osmo can help too! Osmo offers a wide range of fun learning games that target every kind of skill in this virtual learning environment.

You might be worried about your child’s learning loss during the pandemic. But, thanks to digital platforms, virtual learning at home is very much possible. However, we do realize that replicating a classroom environment is far from easy; that’s why we believe that the 4 strategies listed above may benefit your child. 
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