Preschool Problem Solving Games

June 17, 2021 / Parent Resources

When children learn to develop a problem-solving mindset at an early age, they also start to look at challenges as opportunities to grow. They learn to become resilient. Here are a few preschool problem solving games that are super fun!


Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Puzzles are an awesome way to develop your child’s problem solving skills. As kids sift through puzzle pieces, they also develop spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills.

Osmo’s Tangram is a digital-physical puzzle for kids that your kids will love. In this game, they must arrange tangible tangram tiles to solve the puzzle on the screen.

Memory Games

Memory games for kids are among the greatest preschool problem solving games. They help children to stay alert and pay attention to detail too. You could arrange pairs of matching pictures face down on a table and have your kids flip them over. The more pairs they get right, the better!

Construction Toys

Playing with Legos is definitely fun, but it’s also an awesome way to develop problem solving skills. You could give your child specific instructions such as “build 2 towers with a bridge in the middle”, and see how long they take to do so!

Story Time

Does your child enjoy listening to stories? Then, we’re pretty sure they’ll love this activity too. The next time you read a story to them, ask them some follow-up questions. For example, you could ask them “why do you think this incident happened?”, or “Do you agree with this character?” and so on.

Sort and Classify

Try to incorporate this activity into your child’s daily routine. Allow them to classify clothes on the basis of colors, or ask your child to pair up socks, or let them help you sort various utensils. Whoever manages to sort and classify items the quickest wins!

We hope your kids enjoy playing these problem solving games for preschoolers. Check the rest of our Osmo website for more games for kids that kickstart creativity and problem solving skills.