Preschool Math Games for Kids Who Struggle With Math

April 12, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

When children find math intimidating, they fail to develop crucial skills and end up struggling with math for the rest of their lives. Check out these preschool math games that help level up your child’s math skills and get rid of any anxiety associated with the subject.

Connect Math Board Games Through Everyday Activities

When you bring math into everyday activities, your child won’t realize they’re actually learning basic math skills. You could ask them to count objects while they walk around the house, or count change to see if there’s enough to buy a pizza from the shop! Before they start to eat their pizza, you could also ask them to count the number of toppings they find on it. Osmo’s Pizza Co. is one of the best math games for kids that builds your child’s math skills while also developing their entrepreneurial knowledge.

Around the Block – Preschool Math Games

In this game, you’ll need to make the kids stand in a circle and let one of them hold a ball. The child holding the ball will have to answer a simple math question stated by you. They can only pass the ball to the next person if they get the answer right. You could gradually increase the difficulty level by asking tougher questions and setting a time limit to answer them once the kids get a hang of the game. If you’re looking for interactive educational math games powered by technology, you can take a look at our Starter Kits.

Stand Up, Sit Down – Numbers Game for Kids

Looking for fun math numbers game for kids? Your search ends here. This game is just the perfect way to familiarize kids with math properties. All you need to do is read a random number out loud and ask kids to stand up if the number is even, and sit down if the number is odd. You can even hold up Osmo’s Numbers tiles and make up any questions you want along the way while adjusting the difficulty levels accordingly. A few examples of statements would be, “stand up if this number is a multiple of 2”, and “sit down if this number is the result of 7 – 4”.

What Is the Number on My Forehead?

The Salute math card games is a super fun game that needs to be played by groups of 3. While two players sit opposite each other and hold one number card each, the third player can see both the cards. This player acts as a mediator and adds up the numbers and says the sum out loud. Based on that, the two players need to figure out what numbers they are holding upon their foreheads. The first player to correctly guess which card they are holding keeps both cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins! For more online math games for kids, check out our website.

Math Scavenger Hunt – Preschool Math Games

Write down a list of objects with various specifications such as – “an object that is blue and 3 cm long.” or “a circular, green object that weighs 2 kgs”. Your kids will have to find these objects and arrange them on a table, and you need to be the judge. This educational games for preschoolers math games will give your kids a broader understanding of measurements and dimensions. If there’s a tie between two teams, you can make them do a puzzle and see who solves it the quickest! You could use Osmo’s Tangram tiles for this purpose.

The next time your child frowns when you mention a math problem, play these educational math games with them, and see how accurately they’re able to solve these problems! For more plugged-in games, take a look at Osmo’s best preschool math games that teach math, english, physics, and geography.