Preschool Math Activities that are Super Fun!

April 27, 2021 / Parent Resources

Math might not be the most interesting subject out there. But when you turn it into a playful, hands-on learning activity, it becomes a whole lot easier and FUN! Check out some fun math games for kids listed below.

What are Some Good Math Activities for kindergarten?

Try these fun math activities for kindergarten and preschool that take the fear out of figures.

Roll & Color

For these math activities, you will need a pair of dice, paper, and colored pencils. To begin, first write down various numbers on sheets of paper. Next, allow your little one to roll the pair of dice, add the numbers, and find the resulting number on the paper and color it!

Build & Measure

This could be one of the easiest mathematics games for kids. All your kids need to do is build blocks with Legos, or merely just stack toys on top of each other, and measure them with measuring tape.

Number Pockets

Here’s an awesome way to help your kids build number recognition skills. Make cute number pockets using card holders and tape them to the wall. Next, write down numbers on craft sticks. Kids need to take a craft stick, recognize the number on it, and then place it inside the correct number pocket.

Playdough Geometry

Like the name suggests, all your children need to do is make shapes using playdough! First show them a shape they need to create, and then ask them to say the name of the shape out loud. You could even ask your kids to manipulate the playdough to make several balls and then add in some craft sticks to hold them in place.

Why do Kids Dislike Math?

Solving a math problem often requires kids to focus and this might drain them. They need to put on their thinking caps and be incredibly patient when all they really want to do is play outside. Additionally, it also puts a lot of pressure on your little one because they’re worried they’ll get the wrong answer. When that happens, it’s best to appreciate them for their efforts and not just their successes.

On the other hand, connecting with language and history might be a lot easier for your child. This is mainly because they see math as abstract and irrelevant. How can you change this?

How to Make Math Interesting for Kids?

  1. Go for a walk with your little one and find math in nature. They could count the birds in the sky, or simply identify the various shapes around them.
  2. Ask your child to estimate the bill at the grocery store. If they’re older, they could even estimate the tip you give at a restaurant!
  3. Try to make colorful flashcards when you teach kids math. This will highly appeal to them.
  4. Play Osmo’s mathematics games for kids.
  5. Follow a recipe together. Let your child help you measure and count the ingredients for their favorite dish!