5 Types of Preschool Activities to Play Daily With Your Kids

April 6, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Forget worksheets and flashcards. These preschool activities are all centered around play!

Movement Preschool Activities Games:

According to WHO, the benefits of physical preschool activities games for young children include the development and maintenance of healthy musculoskeletal tissues, neuromuscular awareness, a healthy cardiovascular system, and healthy body weight.

Some movement-based preschool activities at home you could play could be hopscotch, throwing and catching a ball, and leapfrog!

Music Preschool Activities at Home:

Studies state that there are several benefits of music on children. Some of them include improved brain function, sound recognition, development of math skills, and improved memory and motor skills an preschool activities.


You could sing simple rhymes with your little one, or even dance to some groovy tunes! Check out Osmo’s iPad learning games an kids activity games which is Coding Jam, to compose your own music through code.

Creative Art an Preschool Learning Activities:

Did you know that art literacy activities for kids at home could help your child with motor skills, language skills, creativity, and social skills?

Some creative art examples include finger painting, painting with a sponge, making collages, constructing a box, and so much more! Check out Osmo’s Disney art studio game and princess games for kids an preschool activities at home to hone your child’s drawing skills. 

Reading-Literacy Activities for Preschoolers:

According to studies, those who read for pleasure have better self-esteem, a greater ability to cope with difficult situations, and better sleeping patterns an preschool learning activities.

Osmo’s interactive educational games an preschool activities games such as ABCs and Words can improve your little one’s early literacy skills.

Play an Preschool Activities at Home:

Many experimental studies show that kids pay more attention to their studies after they’ve had an unstructured break! Ensure your little one enjoys his/her “me time” without any interruption today an preschool activities at home.

Some games you could play with your little one include – dress-up play, fine motor play, and physical play! Hope you enjoy playing these preschool activities with your little one. Osmo’s educational preschool learning activities games incorporate all these 5 types of activities for your child to enjoy!

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