Power Up Family Game Night With Osmo Genius Starter Kit+

July 28, 2020 / Company News

Now, Osmo Genius Starter Kit plus is even smarter! That’s because we added two new educational games to our classic kit to create Genius Starter Kit+. This expanded STEAM learning kit includes seven games for ages 6-10:

  • Words
  • Numbers
  • Masterpiece
  • Tangram
  • Newton
  • Lettertopia – NEW!
  • Math Buzz – NEW!

So, let’s take a look at what our two new games, Lettertopia and Math Buzz, have to offer!

Lettertopia – Discover a Magical Realm of Words

Lettertopia is a two-player game that promotes social-emotional skills, problem-solving and spelling. In this game, your child will use words to move past guards and collect creatures, all while exploring enchanted places.

As they advance through 40+ levels of play, kids grow their vocabulary and master word association. Most importantly, Lettertopia improves kids’ overall communication and social-emotional skills through collaboration.

Key Learning Concepts:

  • Primary: Spelling, word building, social-emotional skills, and collaboration
  • Secondary: Creative problem-solving

Math Buzz – Team Up to Take Home the Honey

In this second new interactive game, all of the players are bees trying to collect honey for their hive. Up to four players must solve equations together using Numbers tiles in order to move throughout the garden and gather the honey.

Beyond building number sense and spatial sense, Math Buzz also encourages kids to practice their social-emotional skills. In short, even kids who don’t typically like math will make a beeline for this game!

Key Learning Concepts: 

  • Primary: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, counting, collaboration
  • Secondary: Creative problem-solving

Above all, we hope your kids love learning and playing together with these two new games! To find out more about Osmo’s educational games for kids, visit our website.

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