Phonics for Kids Made Easy

June 22, 2021 / Parent Resources

Teaching phonics involves teaching children the correlation between letters and sounds. Quite simply put, it is the study of sounds. When you teach your child phonics, you help them develop reading skills too.

Here are some easy ways to teach phonics games for kids.

Use Flashcards

First, print some alphabet cards. Next, shuffle them and hold one card at a time for your child to see. Make sure they’re listening to you when you produce the sound the letter makes. Repeat this activity with all the letters of the alphabet. Then, to test them, allow them to pick a card at random and produce the sound the letter makes, all on their own.

Check out Osmo’s preschool phonics game: ABCs! In this game, children get to use squishy sticks & rings to form letters and watch them come alive on screen.

Make Picture Cards

Phonics for kids can be made easy with this fun exercise. To begin, first print a few picture cards. All you must do is match the cards with their beginning sounds. For example, you’ll have to match letter D with the picture of a dragon. Once you’ve sorted different picture cards properly, your child could do the activity on their own. You could even print a fresh set of cards for them. (to ensure they’re not just sorting cards from memory!)

Fill in the Blanks

Write down easy words like “cat”, “ball”, “dog”, etc, on paper. Underline each letter of the word and pronounce it correctly. For example, “c” in “cat” would sound like “k”. Then, write down words with empty squares in them and have your child fill in those blank squares to make the right words. While they fill in the blanks, ask them to produce the sound the letter makes. They could even match the letter sounds. (the “a” in “cat”, and the “a” in “apple” sound the same!)

Read Everyday

Learning phonics for kids can be easy when you set aside some time for reading everyday. Read stories to your child as much as possible. Once they’re able to identify letters and words, try to get your child to read along with you too.