Personalized Learning During the Pandemic

April 22, 2021 / Parent Resources

What is personalized learning? It’s a teaching model based on the premise that every child learns differently and at their own pace. Depending on their interests and skills, each child gets a separate learning plan that is individualized. Although it is very beneficial, personalized learning is difficult to be carried out during a pandemic.

How You Can Make Learning Personalized

Here are a few strategies for personalized teaching:

Use Ed-Tech

With the right technology, you could manage and track your child’s learning progress. Osmo’s interactive learning technology provides the perfect platform for every child to learn at their own pace.

Develop Self-Advocacy

Allow every student to speak up. In opposition to the “one size fits all” learning approach, personalized education gives kids the chance to build self-advocacy skills. This means that they can openly talk about what interests them, have control of their learning environment, and enjoy an individualized learning experience.


Make your at-home classroom as flexible as possible. This doesn’t mean that there’s no routine at all, but it’s always better to mix things up a bit. For example, you could make flexible seating arrangements and observe a decrease in any discipline issues you faced earlier!

Benefits of Personalized Education

Active learning environment

Since personalized attention is given to each student, everyone is able to actively develop their creative and intellectual talents. Kids are empowered by authentic learning.

Collaborative and cooperative

Personalized teaching allows students to cooperate with one another in order to explore various ideas and perform meaningful tasks. The kids learning environment becomes a lot more caring and supportive.

Positive learning attitudes

Children are naturally more enthusiastic when they understand the learning material better. When they get the attention they need in the learning process, they’re able to actively participate in the classroom and feel better about themselves.