Osmo-Themed Valentine’s Day Printables

February 6, 2021 / DIY & Printable

Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us? Find cute valentine’s day printable featuring your favorite Osmo friends below!

5 More Ways to Celebrate the Day of Love with Your Kids

Family Date Night

Due to COVID, a lot of celebrations are being canceled. But this Valentine’s Day can still be just as special when you spend it at home! A fun family date night could be the best way to celebrate the day of love. You could have a candlelit dinner followed by a fun movie to enjoy with the whole family! You could even dress up in your favorite costumes and make a night of it.

Bake Wholesome Treats

A heart-shaped pizza, pink cookies, cupcakes, the possibilities are endless! Speaking of pizza, have you checked out Osmo’s Pizza Co? It could be a wonderful way to celebrate the day of love while learning math too!

Sing and Dance

Dress up, turn the lights down low, and have a karaoke party at home with your loved ones to celebrate this special day! Osmo’s learning games for kids, Coding Jam offers the best tracks you could dance to while developing your coding skills.

Read Valentine’s Day Themed Books

Books like Llama Llama I Love You and Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse are a few amazing examples of Valentine’s Day books you could read with your little ones. To sharpen their vocabulary, you could even try Osmo’s Words game.

Scavenger Hunt

Host Valentine’s Day-themed scavenger hunts at home for your kids! You could ask them to find objects that start with each letter in “Valentine’s Day”. For example, V could stand for a vegetable, A could stand for an apple, L could stand for a lamp, E could stand for an envelope, etc.
We hope your Valentine’s Day is special and filled with love this year. Don’t forget to stock up on Osmo’s STEM activities for kids, interactive games for kids, and several other educational games before you leave our website!