Osmo iPhone Games: Introducing Genius Starter Kit

June 14, 2023 / Learn About Osmo

More ways to play even more of your favorite games. 

Osmo continues to innovate with its latest development—iPhone compatibility for the super-popular Genius Starter Kit. This marks the second starter kit available for iPhone, with more iPhone compatibility coming each month through the year. Let’s explore how Osmo’s further expansion to iPhone creates an immersive learning experience for children.

Create a Masterpiece: One of the newest additions to Osmo’s iPhone-compatible lineup is the Masterpiece game. This game enables budding artists to explore their creativity by transforming any image into a guided drawing. With the help of the Osmo base and the iPhone camera, children can bring their artistic visions to life, fostering their fine motor skills and imaginative thinking.

Unlocking the World of Newton: Another exciting game now available on iPhone through the Genius Starter Kit is Newton. This innovative game introduces children to the fascinating world of physics through hands-on experimentation. Using physical objects in their environment and the iPhone camera, children can manipulate virtual objects on the screen to solve puzzles and explore the laws of motion. Newton encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning skills, making learning engaging and fun.

Words, Numbers, and Tangram: As part of last month’s release, Osmo introduced iPhone users to the magic of these three time-tested classics. With Words, Numbers, and Tangram, Kids develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, learn math, and build vocabulary. All of these are part of the Genius Starter kit release for iPhone.

Getting Started:

To play the Osmo Genius Starter kit games, you need:

Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit’s iPhone compatibility opens up a world of possibilities for children’s learning through its captivating interactive experiences. With a year of releases for iPhone on the horizon, Osmo is set to transform the way children engage with learning games on either their iPhone or iPad. Embrace the power of Osmo’s Genius games and join the journey of unlocking knowledge and imagination through the combination of physical play and mixed reality technology.