Osmo Gets Featured in Toy Gift Guide For 6-Year-Olds

October 25, 2021 / Parent Resources

The Strategist has listed Osmo as one of the best toys for your 6-year-old!

In their “Educational/Splurgy” category comes Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit:

“I have used it in my first-grade classroom every day since it was first delivered,” says Ruth Bernay, an elementary-school teacher in Houston. The Genius Kit comes with number and letter blocks, geometric shapes, and the base needed to hold the iPad on which the associated app will run. Bernay says she is able to easily adapt the different programs to her students’ needs — for instance, the “Words” program, which involves letter recognition, spelling, and vocabulary, and the “Numbers” program, which teaches counting with dice blocks as well as with numbers.”

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