Ambassador of the Week: Katherine Kates

June 5, 2018 / Educator Resources

Ambassador Katherine has been such a passionate user of Osmo! Just recently, she shared a video she made illustrating how that passion has spread throughout her district. We were so impressed! It’s always such a humbling moment for us when experiences like Katherine’s are shared. We know it’s happening all over the world, but to see it and to hear it is incredible. Thank you Katherine, for not only sharing your love for Osmo with those around you, but for sharing it with us! Keep that up! We’re so lucky to have you as part of our community.


While Ambassador Katherine was playing Osmo with her 14-year-old son, she started to reflect on why she wanted to become an Osmo Ambassador. During Osmo play, they were quickly joined by her dog, and then her 17-year-old daughter. Here’s what Katherine had to say: “It was great, and reminded me of why I did want to become an Osmo Ambassador. Not only is Osmo fun, educational, challenging, and engaging, but Osmo creates community. I truly believe that. I have had teachers jump up and want to play when I ask for a volunteer, even though I meant a student volunteer. I’ve had students stop and begin cheering on their classmates during games. I’ve seen students collaborate and communicate with each other while playing. I’ve had public and school librarians not only delighted with the learning opportunities Osmo can provide for kids, but fascinated with how much they enjoy the games as well. Thanks for such a wonderful product, and thanks for a fun evening with my kids.”

What the Osmonauts in Ms. Kates’s class are saying:

“Osmo is so much fun because it is fun interactive games for kids and there are a variety of fun games.” -5th grader
“Osmo fun coding games for kids creates math” -5th grader
“Osmo is good and fun.” -1st grader
“I like Osmo Pizza game because it is fun to make change.” -1st grader

Connect with Ms. Kates: @KatherineKatesC ?