Osmo Donates 40 Genius Kits to The Florida Aquarium

June 9, 2021 / Company News

We’ve donated 40 Genius Kits to The Florida Aquarium for their Summer Camp program. Now, kids can enjoy playing our hands-on kids learning games on-site!

What to expect from The Florida Aquarium’s summer learning program

  1. These camps are fun and engaging while also fostering the creativity and critical thinking that builds science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills.
  2. As a way to represent the constant change many of us have experienced over the last year, their featured animal is the octopus. Learn more about it on their summer camp catalog.
  3. Each week offers a different theme, early dropoff and late pick-up at no extra cost, lunch options, and guaranteed fun!

How Osmo blurs the line between learning and fun

  1. With Osmo, learning is hands-on! This means, the more kids play, the more they learn core skills, and vice versa.
  2. Children get to make several virtual friends as they embark on exciting adventures.
  3. The games encourage children to learn independently and at their own pace. So, no supervision is required.
  4. Beyond teaching core STEAM subjects, Osmo also fuels kids’ creativity, curiosity, and imagination.