Osmo Christmas Coloring Book

December 18, 2020 / Educator Resources

We ho-ho-hope you like our printable coloring sheets! Featuring your favorite Osmo friends, this coloring book could be a great way to practice making simple arts and crafts as well.

What Next?

Once you finish, here are some ways you could repurpose your coloring pages – 

1. Make Puzzles

Sticking your child’s coloring pages on the wall is a good idea, but we think making puzzles could be far more fun! Cut the coloring sheets into small pieces and ask your child to piece them together.

2. Make Stickers

You could cut out elements from your coloring sheets and use them as stickers to embellish envelopes, scrapbooks, and more!

3. Create Postcards

Glue your coloring sheet to the backside of a postcard template and cut it out. Write your message, add a stamp, and share your art with your friends!

4. Make Envelopes

Your colored sheets could become pretty envelopes for a special letter. All you need is your coloring page, glue, and a pair of scissors!

5. Stitch Them Onto Your Clothes

Seriously! All you need to do is copy your images with a laser printer or copier, then use a photo transfer medium to get the image onto fabric.

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