Osmo Celebrates Moms and Their Creativity This Mother’s Day

May 9, 2021 / Company News

TikTok has been more than just a steady source of entertainment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. What has really impressed us the most about TikTok is how it has also become a place of community where parents have found a way to connect; be it with simple life hacks, silly dances & skits, or by providing words of positivity and comfort. To celebrate Mother’s Day, Osmo wanted to celebrate a few TikTokers who stood out the most with their messaging and content. We selected three moms on #MomTok to receive a $200 gift card for their funny, creative, and inspiring videos.

The 3 winning moms are:

Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and TikToker Diosa (@_iamdiosa_), “First and foremost I would like to give my deepest thank you [to Osmo] for giving me this amazing gift. I am more than honored to receive it but most of all, I’m extremely grateful to all of you that helped this message travel so far. I was a victim of bullying and bullying must be stopped […] As I always say: all we need to do is stick together! Together we can all make the world a better place. A healthy mind does not speak ill of others so let’s stay focused and connected. Thank you and many blessings for you all.”

Blogger and TikToker Celena Kinsey (@celenakinsey), “This gift is so incredibly generous, and as a mom content creator, I just wanted to share some ideas I was doing with my toddler to make this pandemic a little easier on us in hopes to help other moms out too. I’m so grateful to have found a community and to be able to provide small moments of entertainment.”

Content Creator and TikToker Laura (@momlifewithlaura), “I am so honored to be chosen by Osmo to receive this Mother’s Day gift. This past year has been so tough on all of us so to be able to offer other parents some relatable comic relief has been so rewarding. Not to mention finding this amazing community of parents that I never would have been introduced to if it wasn’t for TikTok. Thank you, Osmo, and happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!”

We’d just like to say a HUGE thank you to all the moms and/or mother figures in the world who are our biggest supporters, mentors, and best friends. We love you!