Ambassador of the Week: Kim Rinella

September 17, 2018 / Company News

Ambassador Kim has found each and every nook and cranny for using Osmo! As a special education teacher, she knows the importance of creativity and individuality. In the two years that Kim’s been with us, she’s shown us that Osmo can be used to promote these characteristics throughout her classroom and school. Recently, Kim shared the uses of Osmo in a classroom with the education foundation in her district. She hopes everyone can have a chance to use Osmo with their students! Thank you for the positive influence you are, Kim! We love having you as part of our community!


Mrs. Rinella, in her own words:

“I wanted to become an OSMO Ambassador because I was excited to share everything I do with others. My students are so excited every time we get out them out. I use them in both small group and large group. I’ve been able to present to all the reading specialists in my district and offer 3 workshops to other teachers.”

What the Osmonauts in Mrs. Rinella’s class are saying:

“I love OSMO. I wish we could do OSMO everyday. If I were the teacher I would let the students do OSMO during indoor recess.”

Connect with Mrs. Rinella: @MrsKRinella ?