Ambassador of the Week: Casey Swift

October 1, 2018 / Company News

Ambassador Casey is always looking for ways to make sure all SIX HUNDRED (:0) of her students have enough Osmo time at school. And not only that, she’s sharing it with parents, colleagues, and other community members! Casey is one of our most involved community members, challenging and encouraging Osmo to be even more educator friendly than it already is. Her daily use of Osmo definitely entitles her to an “Osmo Expert” badge. Casey, we are so lucky to have you be a part of Osmo in this way! Keep it up!


Ms. Swift, in her own words:

“Osmo is an amazing tool to bring 21st century hands-on learning into the classroom. It is incredibly engaging for students of any age, including adults. I wanted to become an Osmo Ambassador to provide insight on using Osmo with my 650 students. I love the product and want to proudly represent the Osmo family and all the products as an educator.”

What the Osmonauts in Ms. Swift’s class are saying:

“Osmo is super fun and I really like Pizza because I learned how to run my own pizza shop and I can make money change.” Liam, Kindergarten 

Connect with Ms. Swift: @caseyswift87 ?

And her school: @besseycreekelem ?