How are Parents “Future-proofing” their Kids with Online Learning Games

April 12, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

As the world is changing at a dizzying pace and every industry is being re-invented, thanks to technology, parents are doing everything in their power to prepare kids for what is to come with online fun learning games and the like. Four out of five parents want to future-proof their kids so they have all the skills they need to have a successful career. Here is how they are doing it and helping their children thrive in the world ahead:

Engaging them in in-the-moment learning: Online Learning Games

Instead of limiting their pursuit of knowledge through rote online learning games, books and worksheets inside and outside of school, 55% parents are embracing best educational games for kids and shows. They support various learning styles through play and recreation. They push kids to learn and develop their skill sets from interactive games online independently as opposed to jumping in and guiding them or fixing challenges for them. Such strategies build resilience and resourcefulness in kids by inspiring them to find their own way through problems. Others are introducing kids to educational board games shows with rich storytelling, making knowledge easier for little minds to access and absorb and keeping them hooked to discovering more.

Cuing into children’s natural interests: Fun Learning Games

Every child is a little different; each has her/his own affinities. Parents are intent on encouraging kids to explore subjects of their interest. 66% of parents are nurturing their kids’ favorite topics whether it is part of art or astronomy. By tapping in on their instincts to discover and explore, parents are keeping the spark to fun learning games alive.

Focusing on raising well-rounded warriors: Best Educational Games for Kids

Parents want to raise their kids to be smart and successful all round. So 74% parents are emphasising learning in areas where they aren’t necessarily proficient – for instance, in STEM, just so their children can be better rounded. Since fun learning games teaches all the necessary 21st century skills from critical thinking to problem-solving to creativity, it is no wonder that it is the top choice among parents. More parents want to see their kids pursue careers in related fields.

Turning them into Coding Ninjas: Educational Game Websites

Immensely appreciated among parents is the ability to code, as they realize we live in a digital age where coding is becoming a basic literacy. 3 out of 4 parents believe coding is going to be an important requirement for jobs in the future. So almost 80% of parents are looking to teach their kids how to program with educational game websites. Despite that, almost two third parents do not know how to get their kids started on acquiring these skills.

To help with that, Osmo has created an accelerated learning system where acquiring the skill of sequencing becomes child’s play, literally and figuratively. Kids, aged 5-10, can put down the rudimentary elements of a code such as sequencing, looping, logic thinking, and pair programming through 3 interactive hands-on fun coding games the best educational games for kids – Coding Awbie, Coding Duo, and Coding Jam.

These fun learning games require that kids physically move colorful blocks in front of an iPad to chart their adventure or create some fantastic music on screen. These best educational games for kids helps them to grow in terms of complexity, and simultaneously nourish their creativity, problem-solving and social interaction skills. It is truly the simplest way to teach your kids the basics of coding as they actively explore how each command plays out. So why wait? Get your hands on the Coding Starter Kit for a whole lot of fun and online learning games today!