3 Mess-free Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Home with Educational Games Online

March 29, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Children love to get messy – it is part of being a kid as they curiously explore and engage in educational games online and activities. But when you have had a long day, scattered toys, painted floors, and slime and gloop all over the place can feel like a bit too much to handle. If you are wary of leaving them in front of a TV screen, here are some ideas that will keep them busy and distracted with minimal clean-up!

Pen and paper games: Online Learning for Preschoolers

Let the fun unfold with simple origami projects. Not only will children have a good time folding paper this way and that to create animals, boxes, and other interesting things, they will also develop their logical and spatial thinking skills. Stir your kids’ imagination with a  lively game of Pictionary. It is a great way for your kids to master their vocabulary and ace at drawing. Another fun kids learning game for kids is one minute drawings. This creativity booster starts with a prompt where you can challenge your kids to draw something with circles under one minute. If you are looking at something more simple, try a game of tic-tac-toe or Sudoku. If your child is familiar with some classic board games such as battleship, you can actually convert it to a pen and paper game by making two grids that are sectioned 11×11. Engage your kids in story making where each kid or family member takes a turn and adds a word weaving a story in the end. These games can be played anywhere at any time. 

AR games – Online Educational Games for Kids

Turn screen time into learn time with AR online educational games for kids. When kids interact with a screen directly, they are more likely to passively engage in learning. But throw in some physical elements and your kids are going to want to keep going and gaining knowledge in the process, keeping them busy for hours on end. Siblings can become business partners and run their own pizza place or mom and son can create all kinds of shapes with a bunch of random pieces in Tangram. Elevate the learning with a fun math game of Numbers. 

Physical Games – Kids Activities Online:

These kids activities online are great to release pent up energy of kids who can’t keep still. Keep little ones active by making identical race tracks with masking tape side-by-side and let kids race across to the finish line. Turn this Kids activities online by these interactive game for kids up a notch by adding blocks and cartons for tunnels. If you have a toddler, activities that involve sensory exploration can be a fun way to promote awareness of surroundings and senses among children. Make a bubble wrap runway that they can hop, jump and run across. Turn it into a challenge if your child has a sibling. The child that pops all the bubble wrap first takes home the price. Have your child do a penguin waddle by placing a balloon between their knees and having them move across the room without dropping it. Play an fun indoor games for kids, the spelling bee, where kids use their bodies to spell out letters and make works based on their age. These educational games for children while simple are highly interactive, kids are sure to have some great time all by themselves or with the family. They also offer excellent opportunities to bond over.