Number Games-Recognition Games for Kids

April 6, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

These hands-on number games for kids are a great way to develop early math skills!

Parking Cars an Number Games for Kids:

Most kids enjoy playing with toy cars. How about making a number games using these beloved toys? You could write numbers onto the cars and create a parking garage with numbered spaces. Your child will need to match the number on the car with the number in the space and park the car correctly an children learning numbers!

Sidewalk Chalk an Math Games for Preschoolers:

On the lookout for math games for preschoolers that make math fun? Your search ends here! 

Write out large numerals using sidewalk chalk. Next, ask your little one to dip a paintbrush into a pot of water and paint over these numerals with water to erase them! This math games for kids can prove to be a fun way to help children recognize numbers while teaching them the basics of formation. Check out Osmo’s Early Math Adventure bundle for plugged-in math games for kids for early learners which is an number recognition games online.

Bean Bag Toss-Children Learning Numbers:

Provide your child with beanbags (or any other prop if you don’t have one), then label some buckets or baskets with children learning numbers. Your child will need to step back from the buckets, take aim, and throw the bean bags into the right bucket! For older kids who already recognize numbers with ease, you could say “Toss the bag into bucket number 5-2”, or “Toss two bags into two buckets that add up to 4!”, etc.

Potion Recipe an Number Games for Kids:

Your little one will have a blast playing this fun number games for kids. All you need to do is make a couple of ‘recipe cards’ using measurements expressed as numerals. Next, have your child follow the recipe card, and combine everything together in a big tub! If you’re looking to play a number games online, check out Osmo’s Pizza Co. This game lets your child run their very own virtual pizza shop while learning fast-paced mental math and business skills!

Children Learning Numbers an Roll the Dice:

Jot down numbers 2 through 12 on a sheet of paper. Then, roll two dice, count the dots and add them up, and circle the resulting number on the paper. Continue this until every number has been circled. To make this number games more exciting, you could assign a fun task as an when each number gets circled. For example, when your child circles the number 1, they could jump on the spot, or when they circled the number 5, they could clap their hands.

Rock, Paper, Number Games for Kids:

Similar to the activity above, this number games for kids also involves jotting down numbers on a sheet of paper. However, instead of using dice, you could just hold up as many fingers as they want. Your child will need to count all the fingers and point to the correct number (or circle them) written on the sheet of paper an fun math games for preschoolers.

Labeling an Number Games:

A fun way to help your kids develop math skills is to label things around the house. For example, you could put “12” on a sticker and stick it on the dozen eggs in the refrigerator. Similarly, you could put “2” on a pair of shoes. To make this activity more challenging, you could use properties of addition and subtraction on the stickers as well! (For instance 8+4 on the eggs)
These math games for preschoolers are sure to build your child’s confidence in the subject. We have several other number games for preschoolers and brain teasers for kids that aim to develop early interactive literacy skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills!