New Research from Osmo on parent views on at-home education during Covid-19

April 30, 2020 / Company News

Just in time for National Teacher Appreciation Month (May 1-31), we commissioned OnePoll to survey 2,000 U.S. parents with school-age children reveals changing attitudes towards teachers as parents take on new roles as educators while having to stay at home during Covid-19.

Specifically, 80% of parents have a newfound respect for their children’s teachers; 77% believe that teachers should be paid more; 69% believe being a teacher is harder than their current job, and 53% of parents will take a greater interest in their child’s education after the stay-at-home mandate concludes.

“We’re happy to hear so many parents saying they appreciate teachers more and have greater respect for them,” says Jan Richards, Head of Osmo Education.  

While many parents aim to balance study with play in their child’s daily regimen, the majority of parents (68%) worry they are running out of ideas to keep their children occupied, 75% worry their child will fall behind on educational milestones, and 75% feel overwhelmed trying to balance their child’s education with their own work

Top subjects parents want kids to continue learning during this time include math, science, history, phonics, reading, music, physical education, and art. 80% would pay to have their child utilize an educational program while at home, and 36% admit to using games on tablets/mobile devices to keep kids educated and engaged

Our CEO Pramod Sharma says of the findings, “The data validates the significant opportunities for STEAM companies like Osmo to keep delivering more learning content. We’re actively working on creating more offerings.” 

To celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Month, Osmo for Schools is offering an exclusive promotion to educators – 50% off a version of its award-winning Genius Kit developed for educators featuring easy-to-clean, durable, washable plastic pieces, plus free shipping to schools or student homes, through May 31. For details, see here.

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