NEW Math Wizard & The Amazing Airships

May 6, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Introducing Math Wizard & The Amazing Airships! Designed for kids ages 6-8, this learning box comes with 2 adventure games for self-paced learning: Airships and Clockwork.

In Airships, kids are required to use mathematical thinking to build and design their own airships and deliver packages and navigate through challenges like thunderstorms and high winds. Airships need to balance their Lift (Balloons) and Weight (Packages and Wood Blocks) in order to work.

Players can even collect tokens as their airships travel to their destinations. Once these tokens are collected, they can purchase airship upgrades like decorations and magical trails! They must also watch out for the antagonist, Captain Tiberius, who shall give tough challenges directly to the kids.

Clockwork is a puzzle platformer game about guiding a team of quirky clockwork robots through the skies of Spellbarrow Port. In this all-digital game, kids must use their fingers and counting skills to wind up the robots just the right amount and watch them go. More and more robots will gradually join their cause, each bringing their own unique abilities, whether it’s bashing through walls, hovering over gaps, or walking upside down on the ceiling.

What Kids Learn:

  1. Building and balancing equations
  2. Addition and subtraction practice
  3. Solving for an unknown value
  4. Introduction to algebraic thinking

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