NEW Math Wizard & Enchanted World Games

May 6, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Become a multiplication all-star with our brand-new Math Wizard game for ages 6-8! Math Wizard & Enchanted Worlds consists of 2 multiplication games: Bento Box and Juice Team.

Bento Box: In this game, kids must pack a magical lunch box for Osmo athletes. As they ensure that each lunch box has the best combination of fruits, they must add the points from the fruits they place to make the correct total. Children can even help the athletes with magical power-ups on certain game levels! Some sports kids can play are sprinting, weight lifting, archery, pole vault, and swimming.

As kids play this enchanting game, they also get to collect gems. They can then use those gems to buy special power outfits at the Enchanted Store. 

Juice Team: It’s like Bento Box, but with teams! Add the superfood fruits to make a magical juice, using the right combination of numbers to reach the target. Kids will learn to make the same number in different ways and will need to blend wisely for maximum results. On special levels, they can play sporty mini-games to help their team to victory! The sports include soccer, baseball, basketball and relay racing.

With these multiplication games, children get to win trophies and unlock more sports by completing levels.

What kids learn:

  1. Repeated addition as a foundation of multiplication
  2. Advanced addition and subtraction
  3. Number decomposition
  4. Analytical skills

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