Celebrate National Coding Week With Osmo!

September 14, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

This year, the national coding week takes place on September 14 – September 20. Help your little one explore the digital world with coding games from Osmo!

What is Coding?

“Computer coding is the use of computer programming languages to give computers and machines instructions on what actions to perform.”

What are the Benefits of Coding on this National Coding Week?

Beyond teaching computational and programming skills, code week activities has a wide variety of benefits for children- 

  1. An Understanding of Technology: Through coding, kids acquire important technical skills necessary to succeed in the digital world!
  2. Problem-Solving Skills: Coding teaches kids to break down hard problems into different parts and figure out the best way to solve these problems.
  3. Creativity: Most kids have the innate ability to think outside the box. As coding involves searching for solutions, it encourages kids to put on their thinking caps and be creative!
  4. Critical Thinking: Coding requires kids to objectively analyze a problem and then make well-thought-out judgments.
  5. Resilience: Through the process of troubleshooting in coding, kids get to create solutions and test how they work. Consequently, if a particular coding command won’t work, it encourages them to bounce back from adversity!

Coding Games from Osmo on this National Coding Week:

Although coding may sound intimidating, Osmo shows you how fun and easy it can really be! Learn how these 3 hands-on digital-physical games for kids that teach coding on this national coding week in progression and make it easier to understand:

Coding Awbie

Coding Week with Coding Awbie teaches basic concepts of coding in engaging and interactive ways. In this game, your child gets to use tangible coding blocks and place them into sequences, loops, and if/or actions. The goal is to get an animated character Awbie to walk around, jump over obstacles, and finally grab strawberries in a magical world!

Coding Jam

As your child uses tangible blocks of code to control an animated character, they also get to compose music and learn to make rhythms and sequences. Additionally, your kids could even share these tracks with friends and family! Allow Osmo to ignite your child’s inner coder (and musician!) today on this coding week.

Coding Duo

Coding Duo teaches your child to code on an advanced level with national coding week. Furthermore, it encourages cooperative learning and strategic thinking as your kids work with Mo the friendly monster, and strawberry-loving Awbie to overcome brain-stretching challenges through code! 
We hope you enjoy National Coding Week with Osmo. These hands-on games for kids are a great way to provide an insight into stem education for kids in the most fun way possible on national coding week! For more kids’ education games and creative games, check the rest of our website.