Must-Try Easter Family Games

March 16, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Try these fun Easter games for the whole family!

Egg Commands : Easter Games

Write down funny commands like “do the monkey dance” or “make funny faces” or “hop on one leg” on strips of paper and place each command inside a plastic egg. Next, split kids into two teams, assigning one Easter basket to each team (with the same amount of plastic eggs in each basket)

The game goes like this: One person from each team runs up to the basket, picks an egg, and carries out that command. Once they’re done, they go back to their team and tap the next member on the shoulder. Whichever team picks the eggs (and carries out the commands) from the baskets the quickest wins!

Jelly Beans Scoop : Easter Family Games

Here’s one of the best Easter games to play with family. First, give each player two bowls. One bowl should be filled with jelly beans and the other should be empty. Kids need to put a spoon in their mouth and try and scoop as many jelly beans as to transfer to the empty bowl. Whoever manages to do this the fastest wins!

Egg Puzzle : Family Easter Games

Buy a few plastic eggs and hide all of them around the house. Before you hide them, place one piece of any puzzle in each egg. Kids need to find all the eggs, remove the puzzle pieces from the eggs, and put them together accurately!

For a digital-physical puzzle game, check out Osmo’s Tangram.

Basket Carrots : Easter Games

For this game, all you need is some carrots and baskets. Kids need to toss carrots into the basket while taking aim. Whoever tosses the maximum number of carrots into the basket wins! This could be one of the most fun Easter games for the family.

Bunny Nose Race : Easter Games

Easter family games like this are a must-try! First, split kids into 2 teams. Then, place 2 bowls (one filled with vaseline, and one filled with cotton balls aka bunny tails!) in front of each team so that each team member first dips their nose in vaseline, then into the bowl of cotton balls so that the cotton ball sticks to their nose. Once they have the cotton ball on their nose, they race across the room. Whichever team manages to finish the bowl of cotton balls quickest (without dropping it as they race across the room) wins!

All of these Easter family games are sure to send the whole family into peals of laughter! Try them and let us know what you think.