Fun Educational Mickey Mouse Games to Play on Mickey Mouse Day

November 18, 2020 / Learn About Osmo

November 18 is recognized as Mickey Mouse’s birthday! Make this day memorable with these fun mickey mouse games play with your little one.

Learn to Draw Mickey an Mickey Mouse Games Online:

Adventure game mickey mouse games: Ask your kids to copy an image of Mickey onto a sheet of paper and color it! They could also use Osmo’s interactive fun drawing games for kids, Masterpiece, to draw Mickey Games with ease. Osmo’s drawing tool converts any image into easy-to-draw outlines, making even the most art-challenged kids feel like young Picassos!

Color this image of Mickey Mouse:

Create Mickey Mouse Party Hats-Mickey Mouse Games Online:

Mickey Mouse Games: Host a fun party indoors to celebrate Mickey’s birthday on this ! All you need is some party hats and Mickey Mouse movies to set the mood. For the party hats, attach black ear cutouts to party hats made with construction paper! You could also make Mickey Mouse balloons by adding white polka dots to black, red, and yellow balloons.

Play Mickey-Themed Hopscotch an Adventure Game Mickey Mouse Games:

Use sidewalk chalk to make Mickey-Mouse-shaped hopscotch designs! This could be a fun way to practice some math too an adventure game mickey mouse games. For example, you could ask your child to first add 2+3 and then jump on the resulting number. For more math games for kids to play, check out Osmo’s Numbers, Pizza. Co, Math Buzz, and Math Wizard games.

Pin the Nose on Mickey Mouse an Mickey Mouse Games:

Draw an image of Mickey without a nose. Next, blindfold your child and hand them a cutout of Mickey Mouse’s nose. As the name of the mickey mouse games suggests, all they need to do is simply guess where the nose goes and pin it on Mickey. Remember, no peeking!