Meet the women of Osmo!

March 8, 2019 / Company News

Happy International Women’s Day!

The women at Osmo bring multidisciplinary and diverse perspective –  representing engineering, graphic design, marketing, art & animation, sales, ops, customer experience, and more!  To boot, we come from more than a dozen different countries around the world!

One thing we share however is a passion for leading the trail of education technology for kids around the world.

We are the women of Osmo – Learn more about us!

Currently living in sunny Los Angeles ?, Jasmine has many years of experience in the marketing world and heads our Osmo Social Club! In between working behind the scenes with our YouTube Osmonauts, blogger parents, and creative collaborations – you’ll find her discovering art shows, coffee spots, and all things outdoors in the city of angels! ☀️

Kira started out in special education, moved to early childhood education, then discovered Osmo and the rest is history.

Her favorite part about Osmo is witnessing the incredible ways educators use it in their classrooms. She loves the mountains and Mongolian BBQ and is happiest reading books surrounded by her loved ones. About International Women’s Day, Kira says: “Let’s all do better at straightening each other’s crowns without telling the world they were crooked! Empowered women empower women.” Well said, Kira!

Ariel Zekelman received a BFA in Designed Objects from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. A month after graduation she launched her first product, Osmo Coding. Ever since then she’s been a staple in Osmo product design. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her in the back room somewhere between the laser cutter and the 3D printer.

Heidy Maldonado, PhD is our Data Scientist and Consumer Insights Lead, combining quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand our users’ needs. She brings fifteen years of experience conducting research on how children adopt mobile technologies to learn and is a multi-award winning author of thirty academic papers and book chapters. She has created and taught courses at Stanford University, where she received her BS and MS in Computer Science as well as her PhD.

You’ll find Bailey Williams on-screen and behind-the-scenes for Osmo photo and video shoots! She likes trying new foods, watching movies, traveling, and playing cornhole! 🙂

KT is on our sales team at Osmo and is often traveling for work and holiday. She is always up for learning a new activity and loves encouraging other women to get outdoors!

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Erica brings an energetic spark to the OSMO family. Works with the educational department. She previously worked in a classroom and as Early Care & Education Commissioner of San Jose. Erica loves traveling, meeting new people and adapting to new cultures.

Originally born in Poland, Since Asia was 2 years old her favorite activity was drawing, her hobby quickly turned into a dream, and after finishing Academy of Art University in San Francisco the dream became a job. Asia is an animator and illustrator, bringing characters to life in games at Osmo.

You can follow her day to day art on her instagram:

Rachel Palangié, née Reynolds, has been a Senior Software Engineer at Osmo for the past 4 years and has worked on many of the games, including Detective, MindRacers, Coding Awbie and Numbers.  She’s been programming games professionally for the past 15 years, starting her career at Wizards of the Coast implementing card rules for Magic: The Gathering Online and moving from there to positions at Cricket Moon Media, Zynga, EA, Breaktime Studios and KIXEYE before coming to Osmo. Rachel has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Penn State and a Masters in Language Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.

When not at work,  Rachel spends most of her time taking care of her 1 ½ year old son Theo and loves to read, solve puzzles, and knit (or crochet) whenever she gets a chance.

Originally from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Eileen came to the US 4 years ago to pursue her career. She’s now working at Osmo as a marketing manager, where she helps bringing Osmo and playful learning to more people around the world!

Follow her secret doodling account: (@gozeebo)

Annie heads up Osmo HR – always with a friendly smile!

She is midwest native, mama, and always up for an impromptu dance party.  ??

Kay is currently the product manager for e-commerce at Osmo – working for the world to bring Osmo magic home. She is passionate about making people’s lives by building great products and trying out every new flavor of ice cream.

Karen leads PR and community efforts at Osmo. She’s passionate about connecting with users, growing the Osmo community, and sharing our healthy, hands-on playful learning experiences. She is also co-producer of the film She Started It which inspires women to get involved with tech startups. Karen likes yoga, traveling, and film.  Twitter:

We have literacy games for kids and words for kids to enhance your kid’s learning experience.