3 Helpful Tips for Balancing Caregiving and Work During Lockdown

February 4, 2021 / Educator Resources

“Overall, the pandemic appears to have produced a unique immediate juggling act for working mothers of school-age children,” U.S. Census Bureau economist Misty Heggeness wrote in the recent paper, ” Why Is Mommy So Stressed?.

In fact, even before the pandemic, as many as 73 percent of working parents spent nearly 24 to 40 hours of their week on caregiving responsibilities, according to research.

Here are a few tips for working parents that can help make work and life more manageable during the pandemic.

Sync Work and School Schedules

Syncing your work schedule with your child’s virtual school can help you create a structured day that includes both focused and free time. You can set your lunch break to match your kids and use this time to answer any questions they may have about the day’s lessons. Then, you can get back to work together!

Encourage Independence in Kids

If your kids are older and able to handle more tasks independently, the pandemic is an opportunity for them to build essential life skills. For example, your kids can fix their own snacks before class or during their lunch break. They can also practice prioritization and time management by organizing their virtual classes, chores and calls with friends in an online calendar.

Make Time for Self-Reflection

Feeling caught up in the chaos of the pandemic? You’re not alone. It can be exhausting taking care of your home, work, and kids in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime global event. As you sit down for work, you might be thinking about a million different things at once: “Does my child need help with their virtual classes?”; “Have I left the stove on?”; “Am I reaching my work targets?” In moments like these, it’s best to express your emotions authentically with your family and make space in your home for self-reflection and self-care.

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