LittleOneMag Votes That Osmo is One of the Best Gift Ideas for 6-Year-Old Girls

October 14, 2020 / Company News

Osmo is one out of five of the best educational toys to gift your 6-year-old daughter as per LittleOneMag!

The Osmo Genius Kit

Your 6-year-old girl will absolutely love the interactive games in this educational kit! With each of the 5 games in the kit*, your little one will learn to identify various geometric shapes (Tangram), use creative problem-solving strategies to solve physics problems (Newton), learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication (Numbers), improve drawing skills with an interactive drawing tool (Masterpiece) and expand their vocabulary with the help of onscreen clues and hints (Words). By tearing down the boundary between physical play and the digital world, these STEM games blend learning and fun while stimulating creativity, problem-solving skills, and imagination.

*The games are encoded into the base of the Genius Kit, which also acts as an iPad dock for supporting Mini, Air, and Retina versions. Also, your kid will get the reflector that snaps in front of the iSight.

LittleOneMag features several other educational toys for 6-year-old girls that include Razor A Kick Scooter, DIY Wear So Many Headbands, Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit, and so much more. 

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