Little Genius Game Update: Words

June 8, 2021 / Learn About Osmo

Your favorite game just got bigger and better! Based on your feedback, we fine-tuned and expanded Words to include new ways of learning and playing. 

What’s new and improved?

  1. Words Adventure and Words Classic are now one mode, with 20 illustrated maps and 1000+ new words.

As you know, when you play Words in the Adventure mode, every puzzle you solve takes you farther on an epic expedition across an imaginary land. The more words you get right, the more levels and characters you unlock.

  1. We created a new difficulty system that adapts to your child’s spelling ability and presents words accordingly.

New Activities

We’ve got exclusive new activities in Numbers, Tangram, and Words, all of which change on a monthly basis to keep games feeling new.

Not Just Digital

Educator-approved real-world activities to play beyond the screen, turning those monthly themes into weekly experiments and crafts for kids and parents.

How do you play? All you have to do is redownload the game and you’re good to go. Help your child develop language skills in the most fun way possible today.