Learning Resources and Methods to Reduce Back-to-School Stress

August 19, 2019 / Parent Resources

Change is tough to acclimate for adults, and even more so when it comes to children. Returning to school after the summer break for children would be difficult as they would have gotten used to a laid back routine. All day would be playtime. Bedtimes would go late most nights and there would be no homework to complete. Going back to school would mean cutting down on free time and taking on a more structured routine, centered on school. All this would result in stress for children as the start of the next school year approaches. Here are a few ways for you to help children shift to school mode with ease with our fun learning games for kids

Identifying Sources of Stress

The first step would be to recognize changes in children’s behavior as the first day of school gets closer. Trouble sleeping, irritability and anger issues would be a sign of children dreading school in the days leading up to the start of the next school year. Encouraging a positive mindset regarding school while addressing the root of your children’s concerns would help make things better. 

Eating Healthy and On Time 

To ensure your children stay on top of things when returning to school, you can provide healthy regular meals. A balanced meal with leafy green vegetables, fruits and lower amounts of processed foods will keep children healthy. Proper nutrition along with a proportionate amount of sleep and activity is bound to keep children alert. You can always entertain children with a cheat day ordering in their favorite pizza, pasta or chocolate chip pancakes. 

Setting up Designated Space for Learning Games

You can ensure your children are prepared for school work by clearing up a space in their room or dedicating a common area of the house for the educational activities. This will help bring about organization skills in your children and initiate consistency in their daily routine. 

Scheduling Fun Educational Games

Digital based educational toys are great to get your children immersed in learning. If you are looking to get your child ready for the next school term, you should ensure they are on school schedule. By slotting in fun learning games into children’s schedules, you can get them to eagerly await the start of school rather than dread it. Here are some games you can introduce to your children for some fun learning:

Osmo Coding Awbie game is a great way to introduce children to coding. In the game, they guide Awbie, a playful character, on a hunt for strawberries by arranging coding blocks. Children will pick up the fundamentals of coding, including computational thinking, problem solving, If statements and loops, and logical thinking while playing the game. All these concepts would be crucial for children to move to the next level of coding. 

Osmo Coding Jam game makes coding creative. In the game, children experiment with music and melody by using different patterns and sequences. This could serve as a great motivator to look forward to the upcoming school days.

Osmo Pizza Co. game is a game where children can manage their own pizza shop. They’ll have fun making pizza while honing math skills in everyday setting.   

Osmo Genius Masterpiece game let children trace a virtual outline of an image onto a piece of paper to draw out anything and everything. When the educational games played are as fun as they are beneficial, children will learn to associate schoolwork with fun. 

By setting up an environment that makes school related activities for kids at home fun, you can seamlessly transition your children from being at home to being ready for school. One key thing to remember is to phase in the changes mentioned above slowly and step wise. This will keep the children from snapping back to their vacation ways and be thrilled to welcome another school year of learning.