Learn to Read On the Go! Introducing Reading Adventure for iPhone

June 21, 2023 / Learn About Osmo

While our award-winning learn-to-read program has seen young readers all across the country improve their early grade reading and phonics skills, the Reading Adventure experience has been tied to digital tablets like the iPad. This can make portability a bit tricky!

So we have decided to allow your child’s reading journey to accompany you on YOUR journey – with Reading Adventure for iPhone! 

Whether it’s in the car, at a relative’s house or during lunchtime in a food court on a family shopping trip, Reading Adventure for iPhone lets you be as flexible as you need to be to allow your child’s learning to continue without disruption.

Here are a couple of the key benefits that come with adding Reading Adventure for iPhone to your child’s learning line-up!

Profiles Keep Your Progress Consistent: With profiles enabled on your devices, your child can boot up Reading Adventure on your iPhone in the morning, complete part of a mission, go to school and then come back in the afternoon to finish that mission on their iPad – all without a hiccup. Reading Adventure for iPhone allows you to move between the devices that are convenient for you, making your child’s reading lessons all the more accessible.

Small Screen, Big Letters: iPhone screens are much smaller than those on the iPad, so all reading progress, corrections and instruction should be displayed as legibly as possible.  As such, we’ve revamped the text read-out system to be a balance of readable and distraction-free so that on-screen text displays clearly and without the kind of scrolling that might steal a child’s attention during a skill-testing book.

No New Hardware!: Perhaps the best part of Reading Adventure for iPhone is that it works with existing Osmo hardware! Not only will it work with your current base and reflector, but it is fully compatible with Reading Adventure’s books and magic wand. So if you already own Reading Adventure, adding this version to your child’s available reading options is a seamless exercise! And if you’re new to Reading Adventure, you can take solace in the fact that you are investing in a device-flexible curriculum that allows you to freely expand your child’s learn-to-read options at any time.

Getting Started:

To play the Osmo Reading Adventure for iPhone, you will need:

  • A compatible iPhone
  • Osmo Reading Adventure game (including the Osmo Base and Reflector and the appropriate Reading Adventure game hardware with a minimum of a book Starter Kit and the Magic Wand)

The latest in line of Osmo’s iPhone compatible app releases, Reading Adventure for iPhone opens up a world of possibilities for children’s learning through its captivating voice-recognition engine and responsive correctional feedback. With a year of releases for iPhone on the horizon, Osmo is set to transform the way children engage with learning games no matter where you are or what technology you have at hand.