Kindle your Child’s Imagination with Educational Learning Games

November 12, 2019 / Parent Resources

Rearranging your breakfast to look like a smiley face? Playing join the dots with the stars in the night sky? These activities are what make children’s everyday amusing and fun. They are also great examples of individuals exercising imagination and inspirations of a good deal of educational learning games. It is a way to view things in different perspectives, and innovate in thoughts and transform the same into action. 

Imagination is a crucial part of an individual’s intelligence. Research has shown that children’s minds develop most from birth to the age of 5 and cognitive growth during this period is bound to shape the person that your child will become. Imagination is a key part of this cognitive growth and it allows children to come up with solutions to problems in real time. Children can indulge in this creative processes to explore the limits of their thought and intellect. 

Parents can help their children develop a healthy imagination by incorporating educational games into their playtime. Games with more open ended objectives allow children to be more creative. Here are a few things to look for in games to foster a healthy imagination in your children:

Open Ended elements in gameplay

Children are instinctively inquisitive and grow tired of tasks leading to the same outcome. This especially applies to games, where children look for challenge and excitement. It is therefore better to choose games that have open ended outcomes. It is better to invest in games that allow exploration of children’s cognitive and social emotional abilities. 

Stress on creative thought processes

While it is good to build developmental skills in children with games, it is advisable to use toys and games that foster new methods of thinking. It is important for children to know there is more than one way to solve a problem. You as parents can use playtime as a testing ground for developing new thinking processes. 

Using innovative problem solving

Get children used to different ways of doing things. Fun iPad games for kids can be used to build the proclivity of learning by doing, using game based thinking to solve problems using varied approaches in real time. 

Games Fostering Imagination 

Osmo learning systems bring the virtue of hands-on play to educational iPad games by using physical game pieces. This tactile interaction is bound to spark imaginative thinking in children. Osmo Monster enables children to actualize their imagination by drawing and letting Mo the monster bring their creations to life!  

Children can assist Mo in a magic show by creating everything from the magic wand to the magical fairy dust that the wand emits. Kids can also furnish Mo’s bedroom with furniture that they themselves draw, enhancing their fine motor skills. You as parents can aid in children picking up better penmanship skills as they learn how to draw. Children get to draw what they think best suits the situation, encouraging creativity. Since kids are prompted to draw without many other rules and restrictions, the game’s open ended nature is also bound to get their creativity flowing. 

Children are gifted with great imagination, all you have to do is find the best ways to tap into this potential. Starting your children off with iPad learning games which fosters imagination and creativity is an innovative way to nurture their imaginative capacities.