Kindergarten Games Enabling Balanced Learning

October 23, 2019 / Parent Resources

Balanced Kindergarten Games Learning is a combination of the best known teaching approaches such as:

  • Personalized Learning – an instructional approach used to address the learning needs of each individual learner by adjusting the pace and form of instruction.
  • Blended Learning – an optimal combination of online learning and conventional face to face learning.
  • STEM and STEAM – the focus on Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math in learning
  • Maker’s Spaces – a practice where you designate a learning space for coming up with and applying inventive ideas. For example, drawing from imagination or making paper art such as origami.
  • Coding – includes the application of computational thinking and problem solving.

To achieve balanced learning, a holistic approach to children’s development is needed. It requires one to map the needs of the learners (children), teachers, parents, classroom/learning space to develop a learning environment that suits everyone involved. This is bound to produce well-rounded individuals who are self-assured, confident and prepared to take on life’s challenges as they come.

How Kindergarten Games Promote Balanced Learning

Balanced learning depends on the right measures of teaching methods used, and its efficiency can be enhanced greatly by learning tools like games. For instance educational games for kids are better when they can pick up more than one developmental skill (such as cognitive and social emotional skills) by playing it. The more versatile the games developmental benefits, the more useful the game would prove to balanced learning.

All Osmo educational games have physical game pieces to facilitate hands-on play while using digital media to increase interactivity in the game. This allows for blended learning. Also, Osmo can be used for personalized learning by adjusting the difficulty level in the game. 

Osmo Games with Multiple Developmental Benefits

Osmo Starter Kits are designed to impart multiple developmental benefits for children. Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit is one such kit that aids in children’s development. The kit spans a wide range of skills ranging from cognitive and social emotional skills to fine motor skills and problem solving skills.

Osmo Little Genius ABCs game in the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit lets children experience letters as a fun adventure. Children help Mo the Monster fill his travel book with objects that the children spell out and create. Children can learn how to spell letters followed by words to become fluent readers, improving their vocabulary in the process. They will also build their fine motor skills by constructing letters out of bendy sticks and rings. 

Osmo Little Genius Squiggle Magic in the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit lets children animate their creations! Children get to build people and animals out of colourful, bendy sticks and rings to fill a classroom, a pond and more. Kids can get creative and give flight to their imagination through Squiggle Magic.

Osmo Little Genius Costume Party lets children dress a virtual character using physical game pieces. Children can even colour the character in any shade they choose. This fun educational game is lets children learn colour coordination skills through gameplay without too many restrictions or time limits.

Osmo Little Genius Stories Game in Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit lets children develop out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving skills. It also helps children develop empathy by putting themselves in the shoes of the character.    

Using the right games to implement balanced learning is a great way to ensure your children learn better. You as a parent can encourage balanced learning by providing the right educational games for your children, whether they are creative games or STEM focused games.